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Parents Evening will be held on Tuesday 26th March 2020

Upper site will be offering appointments from 3:30pm - 6:45pm. Please return your forms by Monday 2nd March 2020, and indicate on the form if child care is needed. 

Lower site will be offering appointments from 3:00pm - 7:30pm. Please return your forms by Friday 14th February and indicate if you would like to book a creche place which is available until 6:30pm. If your appointment is from 5pm onwards your child will need to go home and then you will need to bring your child back to school. 


Welcome to Hill Park School

Our Vision Statement

A positive, dynamic school community;

providing personalised learning that enables each child to feel proud,

confident and valued for their achievements.

Hill Park School is a maintained specialist school for pupils aged 4 -16 with either a moderate , severe or profound learning disability.  All pupils attending the school have an EHCP.

The needs of our pupils range from having Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) , Physical Disabilities , Autism (ASC), Moderate (MLD) or Severe Learning Disabilities (SLD). As a learning disability Hub we are not a school for pupils who have a primary need of Social Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH), there is an excellent separate SEMH Hub in the City. 

Following our merger in September 2018 we are based across two sites.

Since September 2019 the Upper Site is for Secondary pupils . There are 10  classes from Y7 - Y11 grouped both by year group and primary need. Classes are therefore organised into those for students with

  • severe learning disability and autism
  • severe learning disability without autism                                                              
  • moderate learning disability and autism                               
  • moderate learning disability without autism
  • we also have one class of Key Stage 3 and 4 students with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities 

This organisation model ensures that all students have the learning environment and approach to teaching and learning that will maximise thier progress across all areas. 

The Lower Site is for Primary aged pupils YR - Y6. We have 12 classes grouped in the same way as the secondary site. Once again we offer classroom environments and approaches to teaching and learning that maximise our younger pupils' progress. 

Although we are a generic specialist school we do not offer a generic model of teaching and learning - come and have a look round to see us in action!

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