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Local Leaders of Education (LLEs)

  • Chris Taylor - Headteacher - Patcham Infant & Nursery School

    Chris has taught in 3 infant only schools for over 20 years in Brighton and Hove and has been Headteacher at Patcham Infant School and Nursery Class since 2014.
    Following the completion of a Post-Grad Certificate in leading the Early Years at Stanford Infant School (2002) he led the EYFS at Downs Infant School.
    Chris has also lead on assessment across EYFS and KS1 and has delivered training across Brighton and Hove in this area.
    Chris has led on the development of Building Learning Power and the work of Professor Guy Claxton within 2 schools; since taking up headship he has driven the Creative Curriculum agenda linking it closely to the importance of metacognition and self-regulation approaches to help pupils think about their own learning more explicitly.
    Areas of expertise:
     Early Years and Key Stage One
     Creative Curriculum development and planning
     Assessment – formative and summative
     Metacognition and Self-regulation approaches
     A rigorous and robust approach to learning and teaching building on the principles of EYFS
     Data has been used effectively to plan for interventions and focus of teaching
     Metacognition and self-regulation approaches have consistently high levels.

  • Madeleine Denyer - Headteacher - Stanford Infant School

    I have been Head Teacher at Stanford Infant School since 2011, having joined the school as Early Years Leader before becoming Assistant Head with responsibility for Teaching and Learning. My area of expertise is Early Years/Key Stage 1, developing children’s learning skills/mindsets through continuous provision. 

    I have always been committed to school improvement and supporting others to enhance the educational experiences and outcomes for children. I enjoy sharing best practice and exploring new ways of doing things. I endeavour to encourage others to take risks, challenge themselves and reflect positively on their achievements.

    During my time as Head Teacher, I have continued to lead by example and am never complacent, always looking for new ways of doing things. Without exception, my staff team are united in their pursuit of an ambitious vision. I enjoy the challenge of supporting others to improve their practice and work tirelessly to this end, to ensure every child receives the education they deserve. I believe it is a privilege to work with others and always welcome opportunities to visit other schools to share successful initiatives and collaborate in the best interests of children’s education now and in the future

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